Interesting content, such as captivating images, articles, videos and other links that you share will get you those likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc that you need in order to maintain a strong presence. However, in order to do that, you need to throw something else in there that people just love and will immediately gravitate to, and those are quotes.


People love reading inspiring, brain picking quotes or just ones that they can relate to. And I find when I do share quotes, that receives the most engagement. Why is it that people love quotes so much? Quotes may not always necessarily be motivating as I find reading up on other people’s experiences, those who have conquered a lot are far more motivating. However, I think by sharing quotes are a great way to express yourself without becoming too dramatic. As I have stated, it is never a good idea to share anything too personal through social media or ever to vent. In fact sharing anything that is downright negative is going to get you into trouble more than you can imagine. The best thing to do is if you are having a rough time, and need to express that just so you get it off of your chest, finding a quote that is in good taste however at the same time expresses how you are feeling is the way to go (for instance there are plenty of good quotes on adversity if you are going through a challenging time). It is not only safe, nor a turn-off however, people will relate to what you share in that case. That means the best way to go without risking your reputation in anyway is to share quotes that are in good taste- and it is also very important to make sure you credit it, by noting the name of the individual at the end of the sentence. Here are some good resources where you can find some great quotes.

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