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Today is the Day to Give Thanks


You know, so many people are blessed but really don’t realize it until they are reminded. All they think about is wanting something more and keep taking for granted the great stuff they already have. And you know what? When they do get the things they do want, they still will not be satisfied and will keep wanting something more. I know I have been guilty of this too but today is Thanksgiving in Canada and it is definitely a day to express gratitude for the great things in life. We all need to practice this really everyday. Thanksgiving is the day that is an excellent reminder.

I have to say I used to resent the idea of gratitude because I always believed it meant to settle for less. No, absolutely not. If you have a goal you want to strive for, do it! But at the same time thank the Universe for not just for the obvious blessings you have but for being given the opportunity to better yourself AND to reach the goal that you want.

Unfortunately there are many “spiritual gurus” out there who do not really explain the science of gratitude that clearly. Many of them insinuate to forget about your goals and dreams and be thankful for what you have. Yes, we ALL need to count our blessings but never, ever put your dreams and goals on the back burner. Again, expressing gratitude is NOT settling for less. It is just simply saying “thanks” to the Universe for the good you have. Many of them even tell you to be thankful for the things you don’t like! Wow, now that will not encourage anyone to express gratitude. But perhaps what they may be saying is to say thanks to anything in your life that you do not like so you can strive for changing it or something around it if the issue itself cannot be changed.

So this is what you can do for now on. If there is something in your life that you do not like, look around and think of the blessings you do have. I am not saying to ignore problems you are having (I am not talking about people who have been through trauma of any kind, I am talking about those who are down due to typical downs that life hands to us). I am saying to just not focus on your problems just at the time you are stepping back and looking at your blessings. It may be your house, food on the table, your family, whatever you have that so many others don’t. And THEN come up with a plan to either change the issue or if you can’t, do something to work around it. You don’t like for instance your financial situation? Give thanks to the Universe for what you do have in the bank and then work on a plan to improve your financial situation.

Remember this too. The Universe gives back what you put out. If you are taking the great things it has given you for granted, you will not get anything “good” in your life because you will never see it that way. Think about someone who does not thank you for a good deed you did for him/her. Would you want to do the good deed again? I would think not. So if you focus on the good things it has given you, but then you focus on what you DO want at the same time, you will get it. It takes action but if you are truly passionate about it, you will take action to get it. Never focus on lack, debt, and other problems because you will get more of that. So give thanks for the good you have. I am sure you can list at least five things. Do this everyday, not just on Thanksgiving. You will see that your life will improve because I know mine is. It may not be immediate but you will see things going upward really the moment you start expressing gratitude for the good you have. Because I am sure you can find at least five things!

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