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When Google+ launched, there was a massive buzz. After a year or so, people wondered if it was worth trying at all – Google+ is an anomaly to social media. Despite the lack of apparent active users (even though more people are using Google+ than they did at first, it still has not completely caught on), it is still seen as an essential platform for brands to utilize. So how will you make the most of it?

Google+ takes the ease of searching that you have with Twitter, personality of Facebook and professionalism of LinkedIn and mashes them all together. As a result, it deserves a measured approach when using it. While it may not be used frequently by your nearest peers, it acts as a way to build a profile for yourself in Google search results, if you’re a prominent speaker in your field.

Not to mention, one feature that is helping to increase the number of users for Google+ is the hangout feature. It is a great meeting feature. They are easy to use and have been slowly taking the place of other webinar platforms.

Use Google+ as a way to share ideas which are too long for Twitter, but concise enough so they don’t need to be expanded into a full blog post. A lot of brands simply use it to offload content meant for other social media websites, but if you invest your time into a unique strategy with rich media especially for it, you will be well on your way to increase your following. Take your time to get a feel for it and turn casual readers into engaged consumers.


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