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I came across this brilliant blog post written by BuzzFeed’s writer, Arielle Calderon, titled 26 Signs You Work In Social Media. Because I do work in social media, I can relate to this very well. So let’s go through these 26 signs, and I will add my take on each one 🙂 And I do recommend that before you read these, you must check out the original blog post so this makes sense to you.

1. Tweeting from the wrong account is a legitimate situation you fear. Oh I have done that several times through several clients’ Twitter accounts *blush*. Well the good news is, I caught right away each and every time and deleted those tweets. They did not know and none of their followers ever said anything to them about getting unusual tweets from them. Thank goodness. I am very careful now.

2. You yell out ?WHY?!? when this happens.– When you attempt to add a link on Facebook and it does not load up properly in the status bar, that makes me yell out “Why?” or “Argh”. However, I don’t bang my desk or anything. I just reload my Facebook page and attempt at it again. It works eventually.

3. You do this every month.– That is Googling or Binging to see what holidays fall in any given month. I have to say this is not really much of a concern for me, so I may be one of the few people who work in social media who does not get overly concerned with that.

4. This is your everyday vocabulary.– We are talking about using names like Twitter, Facebook, Klout, hashtag, follow at least once a day. Yes, I admit it. That I do!

5. You?ve complained about the pointlessness of Klout and yet you?ve checked your score a fair amount of times.– Okay are you absolutely sure you want to get me started on this one? First of all, you probably know by now that I do not see Klout as pointless and have said many pieces on that like I did here. And yet, I just had written a post about how it is not overly healthy to be obsessed with the score and to be more concerned about how you are building that score. Well, even with that said, I do check by score everyday! I can’t help it, I am just plain addicted.

6. If you accidentally tweet a grammatical error from your brand?s account, everyone immediately corrects you and it makes you want to cry.– Thankfully that has not yet happened. However there is a first time for everything lol.

7. Choosing a social listening/moderation tool is like naming your child.– Yes I agree.

8. You?ve sent agency-wide emails asking coworkers to ?like? a Facebook page so you could secure a URL.– Guilty of this one too.

9. Trying to explain your job to your friends and family is like rocket science.– Oh yes! That I relate to a lot. I just have gotten to the point of saying that I work online and don’t even elaborate anymore because it is just too difficult to explain in simple terms.

10. You probably checkin at restaurants before you even go inside.– This may be a shocker however I am not a big Foursquare user, yet. Maybe I will catch up to this one.

11. This makes you weep.– Considering I am using my iPhone far more than my laptop these days- yes I get very distressed if the battery is running low quickly. That is why I make sure it is either fully charged before I go out, or take the charger with me if I can charge it up!

12. You know what EdgeRank is and have probably cursed it a few times.– What can I say? It is reality.

13. Auto DMs make you unreasonably angry.– Yes however now I just ignore those.

14. You?ve seen your fair share of hate messages in your twitter feed– I ignore those too.

15. When there?s a company crisis, you deal with all the wrath.– Thankfully this has been a rare thing, however it has happened and it does add some unwanted stress in life. However, it is one of those things you look back and laugh at. It is always funny after the fact.

16. You create an account on new social platforms because you?re an early adopter.– Absolutely.

17. You think in 140 characters or less.– Actually yes, and more frequently too. I guess it has rubbed off.

18. This is basically you at any given moment.– Oh yes, while I am having a bite to eat, my iPhone is in my hands. In fact, other than when I am driving, my iPhone is basically glued to me.

19. Vacation? HAHA that?s short for ?I?ll check my pages once or twice a day.?– Too funny. I still “work” while on vacation!

20. If you have a bad experience, your first instinct is to tweet your angst at the company twitter handle.– Oh that urge may come, however, I have learned to hold back and just journal privately about the experience instead. I don’t recommend that anyone tweets profanity and angry tweets due to a bad experience that you had with a particular business, even if it is justified. All that does is make you look like a raving lunatic! Calling them directly to complain is a better option. This way, the world does not have to hear or see it.

21. You have this website bookmarked. – That would be Mashable. Oh not only is it bookmarked, however I share a good load from there each day on my social media platforms.

22. As much as you make fun, you have definitely started a Facebook post with ?Like this if.?– Actually no, not at all.

23. You sympathize with CMs when a brand is suffering a PR disaster.– Yes, I relate to this one too.

24. You get a little too excited when a celeb mentions your brand.– Okay I admit this. Yes, however, I am cooling it now. It does not look too cool.

25. There is no better feeling than banning a troll.– Yes, however it is not a feeling of victory. It is a feeling of relief.

26. But even though you deal with a lot of crap, you kind of really love your job.– I would not trade it for the world. I love working in social media and always will.

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