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Social Spam is Not Cool

OK I am not talking about the spammers that you are probably thinking of that are invading Facebook and Twitter (these spammers don’t survive for very long on those platforms anyway anymore which is good). I am talking about a different kind of social spamming that you are seeing especially among those who are obsessed with gaming up a high Klout score- without even taking the time to learn how to build it properly or even know why they really want it in the first place!

I will give you some examples of how it is done and it drives me absolutely bananas! Yes it is annoying to begin with but eventually Klout will catch on when it comes to gamers (it used to not but much better with it now) and a gamed score will not last.

Mindless Tagging on Facebook

It is okay to tag a few friends if you want to get a message out to more than one person on your friends list. I mean saying “Good morning” and tagging some friends is fine as long as it is not done excessively. If a conversation is struck then that makes it even better. I am talking about mindless tagging just for the sake of tagging. That is right, tagging without a purpose- like 50 people at once. Just by literally saying people’s names in a post is not cool. Conversations are not usually struck this way. It is a waste and doing that kind of tagging is very spammy. This activity may temporarily increase your Klout score but if this is happening too often, you can forget about it staying high. In fact I believe Facebook had recently put rules on how many people can be tagged at once. Good!

Excessive Mentioning on Twitter

Have you seen tweets going out mentioning your Twitter handle as well as 5 to 7 others without a message? Do you see this happening a lot? Have you seen a string of these on your Twitter thread? This game is very common on Twitter and it is also mindless and not cool. I love being mentioned but only if you are retweeting something from me AND/OR replying to me, as well as getting my attention on Twitter for some reason. Even if you want to send out the same message to others and mention them as well in the same tweet that is fine. Just don’t mention me if there is no purpose for it. If you are doing it out of the goodness of your heart and believe it will help increase my Klout score, unfortunately you are wrong. In the long run it will only hurt (not just me but more so you!) so don’t do it.

Google Plus Circle Tagging

I have seen plenty of games happening on Google Plus where users are mentioned over and over again without any purpose. Circles are created for this purpose and it is annoying. I will give an example. Someone creates a circle on Google Plus for tagging, but the posts are made public (Klout will only read your posts that way). You create a post just tagging others, and they reply by tagging you back. These threads end up turning into a big string of names with no other content. That also is very annoying so don’t do it.

So if you are desperate to increase your Klout score, please do not do it this way. Read my previous posts. Or better yet, if you really want to learn how to increase your Klout successfully, check out my product The Klout Supremacy. If you take what is explained in the videos and apply it step by step, you will achieve a high Klout score AND master excellent social media tactics at the same time.

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