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Gina Carr

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A great show today on Getting Social with Miriam. I absolutely love the guests who I have had the honor to interview on my show. Before I go into who it is at the moment, as you know from a lot of my previous work, blog posts and articles I have written the importance of not only having a social media presence, however I talk about how crucial it is to be influential online and how to harness the power of social media for that purpose. I have also spoken about the importance of the Klout score for quite a while, however there are still so many around who misunderstand the purpose of Klout. I am very happy that there are other social media consultants who also speak about the importance of Klout, because I feel there needs to be a lot more awareness about the subject. Today’s guest was Gina Carr and we had spoken the importance of Klout.

Gina Carr is an author, speaker and marketing consultant who works with thought leaders to leverage social media marketing for more profits, influence, and success. ?A 20 year serial entrepreneur, Gina has an MBA from the Harvard Business School and engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Gina helps speakers, authors, and business owners share their brilliance with the world and build powerful tribes of raving fans.

Gina is the Dean of the Social Buzz University where she hosts world-class business trainers almost every week at ?She is the co-author of the best-selling McGraw-Hill book on social media: ?Klout Matters: How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influence and Raise Your Klout Score for Success. ?Gina speaks and consults about influence marketing, social scoring, social media, online reputation management, and tribe building.

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