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Today on Getting Social with Miriam, I had interviewed an incredible guest, Yvette Vega who understands pretty much everything about depression. After what happened with Robin Williams, awareness needs to be spread as much as possible about this illness that many people are ashamed to talk about. In fact we discussed that the Great Depression of 2020 may very well be approaching. The Great Depression of 2020 will not come from the banks and financial institutions. It will not be about food lines and unemployment. It will come from within, stimulated by your brain. Ms. Vega had stressed that we can do something about it before it really does materialize.

Why 2020? According to the World Health Organization, 2020, Major Depression will be the 2nd highest disability according to the findings in a Global Burdon of Disease Study. Perhaps the greatest tragedy, though, is that this health epidemic can be avoided.

Yvette Vega, Executive Producer for the Endorphins System, has released a program to help people suffering from depression to regain control of their lives. Ms. Vega is also Director of Public Relations for Neurobehavioral Research; an FDA approved Clinical Research site. The facts about suicide has also been covered. She also wanted to stress that there is help out there available. If you are Canadian and are feeling like you may be at risk, please go to this site right away If you are American and in the same place, please visit this site right away

Be sure to listen to the podcast to find out how you can naturally treat depression without having to rely on drugs.

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