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I have written several books, and have been a guest on many radio stations, been featured on several big blogs- I was even a guest on a local television station several years ago talking about one of my books. I did have a Wikipedia page up about myself and my work for a while. And you would think even with those references of being featured in many places the page would have stayed. However, unfortunately it did not. Why? Because even though I had been featured through out the media, I still did not have enough references for a Wikipedia article to stick as their rules are becoming more and more strict of what kind of articles are Wikipedia worthy or not. In fact I was just told that if you do not have at least 5 significant references of being featured in big time media (we are talking about major press, being featured in huge publications or major shows like Good Morning America as examples), an article about you is not going to be Wikipedia worthy. Therefore if you write one up, it will likely be deleted in no time.

Because my Wikipedia page was taken down, my Klout score had unfortunately dropped significantly (went from 83 to 79, ouch!). I know of several others who had the same thing happen recently. And I realize through out many of my past posts, I have put a lot of emphasis on Klout. And believe me, I am and will always be a supporter and believer of Klout and am happy to see that they are evolving on a constant basis as they should. I think it is good that offline influence such as Wikipedia articles on people are having such a big impact on their scores. Influence does not only come through social media activities. And if you do not think that you could have a Wikipedia page written up on you that would stick – don’t fret. That is of course, unless you are able to spend a fortune on PR services that can make it possible for you. However, for many of us that is not such an easy option. Just know that there are other ways to spread your influence around that will not only help boost your Klout score but more importantly will help you build your tribe. How can you do that?

Spread your Presence Around

That is right. Keep spreading your presence around. What I mean is if you are influential in a particular area or niche, get as much content out there as you possibly can, and at the same time build your following. Educate people with what you can about your niche. There are many ways to do this.

1. Guest Blogging– An excellent way to share your knowledge is to guest blog. There are many bloggers out there who receive a lot of traffic on their blogs that are looking for guest bloggers. Do a search for the keyword that is relevant to your area of influence and add “guest blogging” beside it. You would be surprised to see the results.

2. Have your Own Blog– A lot of people do not realize how important it is for them to have their own blogs. It is essential that you not only have your own blog however, you must update it at least on a weekly basis. Obviously share your updated posts on your social media platforms. Be sure to add your social media profiles to your blog! This way people will follow and friend you!

3. Blog Commenting– Go find other blogs in your niche, and be sure to leave thoughtful comments on posts. You would be surprised how much of a following you will receive by doing that on a consistent basis.

4. Participate in Forums– Forum participation is a significant way to spread your influence around, so as long as you offer knowledgeable content. Be sure to answer questions quite well that people ask. There are many ways to find niche related forums. You can do a search “keyword+ forums” and there are many Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus communities as well. If you join a forum, be sure to add your blog into your signature line. If you are actively participating and sharing your knowledge, people will be following you as well.

If you build enough of a presence and you are consistent, this is what will happen. Not only will you be building your tribe- you will also be receiving invitations to be a guest blogger on other blogging platforms, a guest on radio interviews, and others may be writing about you and your work in their publications. Not to mention this is all great for SEO purposes too. And hey, if your influence really spreads, you may end up with references that would make a Wikipedia article written about you stick! However just think of that as a potential side benefit. And the beauty of this is, you do not have to spend a dime!

How Offline Influence Benefits Your Klout Score

As I have said back in September, Bing and Klout had partnered. If you have a lot of relevant articles written by you, and about you (even more important) that are found on Bing, it can help increase your Klout score. Now, if people search for you in Bing, and there is a lot of great content that shows up, and if people stick around to read up on it- that also helps increase your score.

However, do not only spread your influence around to get a high Klout score. Do it to share your knowledge, educate others and to build your tribe!

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