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Whenever a friend of yours on Facebook wants to get your attention, it is very easy to do. He or she can tag you in a post by sharing the post and typing in your name in the text above. Whenever you are tagged in a post, it will show up on your wall. It is good to do when you are sharing a blog post that a friend of yours had written. For instance, if your friend, say his name is John Smith had written a wonderful blog post, you will share his post and write above “Great post from John Smith”, and your acknowledgement will end up on his Facebook wall because he was tagged.

Once in a great while, if you want to wish some of your friends a happy holiday or just to let them know you are thinking of them, it is okay to tag them. However the key phrase is once in a while. Never make this a habit because it will annoy them!

Unfortunately, a lot of people abuse the Facebook tagging feature because they believe it will help spike up their Klout scores. That only angers people on their list because all they will be finding is tagged content on their Facebook walls all of the time from the same people over and over again. This kind of behavior is called gaming.

So my advice to you is to only tag your friends if there is a good reason for it. There are 3 occasions when it is okay to tag.

1. Acknowledging the fact that your friend had shared something impressive. Like I said before, if your friend had written a great blog post, or shared something that you found appealing, it is okay to tag your friend in that case. He or she will appreciate it in that case.

2. Wishing your friends a good holiday. Some people may disagree with me on this however I find that for major holidays like the winter holidays or even Valentine’s Day, it is acceptable to tag your friends with content that is relevant to the holiday just to let them know you are thinking of them. However, do not tag them just to wish them a happy weekend or happy week. You can just send a post on your own wall if you want to wish your friends a good week or weekend. They will see it anyway in their feeds. Make the occasion special.

3. Sharing something that will catch your friends’ attention. If you find an article or image that would be of interest to some of your friends, it is okay to tag them with it- as long as you do not once again, make it a habit.

Tagging otherwise, is not acceptable!

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