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I know the year is just a little more half way over, however I have to say this is the first year that I have made some powerful transformations in my life. This is the first time that I have to say that my life is no longer a disorganized mess. I am learning to reclaim my power in all aspects of life, and learning to deal with some loss I had experienced as well. I have to say I am extremely grateful for my coach Carly Alyssa Thorne for helping me get onto a much better path, and she has been guiding me along since the beginning of the year.


I know that many times New Years resolutions are meaningless. Many of us make them because the idea of a brand new year is associated with a brand new start. Once many of us are used to the new year, and are going back to old habits, then those resolutions really did not mean a whole lot. However, because I have some major outcomes I want to see happen, I knew I could not get to it alone. I realized early this year I needed some major guidance on how to take the steps to get there and slowly and surely it is happening. Because of making this realization, I attracted just what I needed- I crossed paths with Carly on Facebook. I read her profiles, and her website and I was very intrigued by what she had to offer. I needed a helping hand to find organization in my life, to be more positive and to attract better things in life. Not to mention I am definitely one of those types to get too comfortable. I knew that since I had big dreams I wanted to see turn into reality, I could not keep doing what I was doing. And I certainly could not make these changes alone. I hired Carly in January of this year to help me and I am very pleased with the results. I realize I have been doing the work to get there. However, I have worked with therapists and other coaches in the past. None of them were able to understand me, to motivate me and connect with me the way Carly has. Perhaps I was not truly ready back then to make those changes either. However, at the same time, none of them were as powerful, compassionate, experienced like Carly is.

Carly is not just any ordinary life coach. She works with clients in all aspects of life and goes a lot deeper than any ordinary life coach would. She is a business and spiritual mentor, consultant and coach that helps her clients by focusing on just a little of the following-

– Learning, playing and growing- helping her clients go out of their cocoons to soar
– Using Eastern and Western philosophies and helping her clients apply it all in their daily lives
– Teaching the value of collaboration and leadership in business and in life in general
– helping clients understand how powerful the Ripple Effect is
– delving into metaphysics in a very down to Earth way (no woo-woo zone)
– helping the client realize that there are no limitations regardless of what challenge he or she is going through. It is a lot deeper than just watching some motivational video of someone who went through a challenge and overcame it.

She does a lot more for clients. By the way, her business consulting is so unique, and she even helped me realize some of the mistakes I was making with social media!

Carly has also been featured on many videos, on radio shows, and she even hosts a few herself. In fact she is offering guest interviews. You can read up more on Carly’s services.

Be sure to also read Carly’s story. You will then see why she is an exceptional coach who can help in pretty much every area of your life. Be sure to connect with Carly through her social media as well.

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