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You’ve probably seen mandalas before, whether crafted out of rocks outdoors or drawn in an intricate coloring book. The symmetry and geometry of these circular patterns have been used as meditative tools for millennia, encouraging the healing and higher development of the mind.

If you’re looking to add a new focus to your meditation practice, consider incorporating mandalas into your mindfulness exercises. Let these unique tips inspire you to do something a little different with your daily meditation.

Create a Mandala in Nature

Become part of a tradition that’s been around for thousands of years by creating your own mandala pattern out of rocks, sand, dirt—whatever is at your disposal.

Gather materials from a part of nature that’s accessible to you; that could be rocks from your garden, sticks from your yard, or leaves from a nearby tree. Sit comfortably and breathe deeply as you arrange these pieces in a circular pattern, working outward from the center.

Top Tip:

Try to maintain your focus on building your mandala outward. If other thoughts intrude on your meditation, acknowledge them and let them pass.

Set Intentions

Simply gazing at a mandala pattern can assist you with focused intention-setting. Choose an intention for the day, like being present in the moment or allowing your creativity to flourish, as your eyes take in the intricacy of the mandala pattern. Allow your attention to sink deeply into the geometry of the mandala as you meditate on your chosen intention.

Top Tip:

Mandalas have different spiritual and meditative meanings attached to them. Choose one that’s meaningful to you, even if that meaning is mostly “I think this pattern is beautiful.” Meditation should be a positive experience that’s unique to your goals.

Pick Up a Coloring Book

Mandala coloring books are both effective and fun, as far as meditative tools go. Grab a book full of intricate mandalas and sharpen your colored pencils for a quiet, introspective afternoon.

As you focus on coloring in those tiny geometric details, keep your breathing deep and even. When your mandala is all colored in, you may notice deeper relaxation in your entire body.

Top Tip:

Pay attention to those small details and go as slowly as you need to, but don’t worry if you color outside the lines every so often. The goal of mandala meditation is improved mindfulness, not perfection.

Are you looking to shake up your daily meditation practice? Consider incorporating mandala imagery into your next meditation. Whether you create your own patterns in nature or color them in a book, mandala symbolism can greatly improve your mindfulness skills.

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