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As a wellness spa owner, you aim to help clients improve their physical and mental health. There are many ways to do this, from hosting yoga retreats to offering soothing massages. Red light therapy is a new treatment option for full-body health, a noninvasive photomedicine treatment option. Full-body red light therapy has many benefits, and your wellness spa should offer this treatment option so that your clients can reap its benefits.

Physical Health Benefits

Red light therapy (RLT) offers numerous physical health benefits for your clients. This treatment option sends red light into the mitochondria of the body’s cells, which converts light to energy. The mitochondria can convert this focused light to energy for specific physical health purposes.

Some of the most common physical health benefits of RLT are increased recovery time from sports injuries, an increased healing time for wounds, and better arthritis and joint pain management. If your wellness spa caters to those with sports injuries, healing wounds, and chronic pain, offering RLT can provide an additional treatment option for them.

Physical Aesthetic Benefits

RLT isn’t just for the inner workings of the body. As the mitochondria respond to red light and convert it into energy, the energy also works in the skin. This can help quickly and efficiently condition skin, stimulate collagen production to improve skin elasticity and mitigate acne problems.

If your wellness spa offers aesthetic and health treatments, you have extra reason to offer RLT. This therapy can provide physical and aesthetic healing while clients lay and relax under the red light devices. The benefits of full-body red light devices will make your clients happier with their appearances and free your staff up to perform other treatment options.

Mental Health Benefits

Mental health can improve as bodies heal, and appearances change to match the client’s desires. When our bodies hurt or we’re disappointed in how we look, it’s easier to feel depressed. The physical health and aesthetic benefits can reduce this possibility.

RLT can also benefit mental health in other ways. It can help reset and regulate the body’s circadian rhythm, which promotes a balanced sleep schedule and mood. Additionally, RLT can optimize metabolism, helping the body better convert food into energy so that clients can get all the nutrients they need. Brain mitochondria also respond to RLT to improve the regulation of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, which regulates happiness and focus. If your wellness spa is focused on providing a place for healing to those struggling with mental health, RLT can help you achieve that goal.

Your wellness spa should offer red light therapy so clients can experience healing and rejuvenation in every part of their bodies. Laying under a full-body red light device is easy, effectively providing your clients with physical and mental health benefits and allowing your staff to focus their energy on other helpful treatment options.

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