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Here I am in beautiful British Columbia after a five hour flight, and feeling relieved I have the best house/pet sitter taking care of things back home.

The plane that we were on was very new and no televisions were installed, however tablets were offered instead if passengers wanted to watch movies or listen to music. It kept the kids busy, however I passed. I actually slept a lot of that time. And another chunk of that time I ended up reading one of the books I had taken with me on my carry on bag. I read a book that I highly recommend to anyone who wants to change their lives for the better, and to get an excellent understanding of the Law of Attraction- Never in your Wildest Dreams by Natalie Ledwell.

A case study of a woman who became an award winning writer by using the Law of Attraction- and got out of the rut of being constantly unhappy and in debt was written in the book. Her journey step by step was documented, and she learned what worked for her and what did not while she was making her dreams turn into a reality.

It is very interesting how so many of us know about the Law of Attraction and and realize that like attracts like. However, it is very easy to mess it up and let old bad habits prevent us from turning our dreams into reality. I do know that if used properly it works. However the key is to use it properly. Attracting what you want goes beyond just positive thinking. Sure, positive thinking keeps you at an elevated level, however there are steps you need to take in order to attract what you want. Here is what you need to do in order to attract the goods.

1. Gratitude– Be grateful for the stuff you are truly grateful for in life (do not force it meaning if you are not grateful for something in your life, do not even think about it). Practice gratitude everyday, and then you will end up with more things to be grateful for.

2. Focus On What you Want– A lot of people end up with what they do not want in life such as added stress, debt, family problems because they focus on these issues and more of it comes. This is another reason to be grateful for the goods as it stops you from focusing on the stuff you don’t want. If you focus on anything, the Universe hands it over to you, regardless of what it is.

3. Language– You have to be careful with what you say. Never say over and over again “I want…”, instead say “I am or I have…”, even if you don’t at the time. You will always be in the state of want if you keep saying “I want..”. If you believe you have or you are what you are aiming for, with proper action it will happen! Also, always tell the Universe what you want more of instead of what you want less of. For instance, if you want to pay your bills easily- say “I have more than enough money to pay my bills” instead of “I can get out of debt”, keep the negative words out of the equation.

4. Take Action with Belief– Nothing happens if you dream it and don’t take any action at all. However, believe you can achieve anything you want while you do it.

5. Catch Yourself if Falling Back– It is easy to get lost into old and destructive habits. You may not even realize that you are falling back at times because it is so deep rooted in your subconscious. The key is to be aware and to catch yourself if you fall back. Getting into new habits is never easy however the more you practice good habits, it will stick with you and it will become second nature.

6. Be Consistent– Be consistent with each step and stay focused on what you want, and believe you already have it.

I already knew what was involved with the Law of Attraction. However, because falling into old habits is so easy, it really does put a halt on things. I was guided to read this book on this flight as a reminder of how I need to put this into practice daily! We all do because I do know it works.

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