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Social Media networks started with the ostensible goal and objective of fostering social networks and personal rapports between friends, associates and school/college mates but has not grown to billion dollars industry. Facebook alone, the premier brand boasts of 600 million active followership, while Pinterest has around 23 million loyalists and users all over the globe. In the current scheme of things, Facebook has indeed outgrown its social network image and has made
productive and successful forays into brand marketing, selling products and services through its sites and even spawned new technology innovations and deployment in fields of education, commercial marketing and even serving as online employment recruitment head hunters. The list of utility value for social media networks is long, and more items are being added to the list.

This paper would need to consider SEO, or Search Engine Optimization as viable and progressive minded tool whereby, through the use of specific three-worded product keywords, it is possible to gain first page entry into the Web pages of search engines like Google, AOL, Yahoo, etc., and also gain and improve high rankings through use of algorithms.

SEO is a marketing tool whose potential for improving client brands and services are immense and yet to be fully explored. For SEO marketing, the skies do not set the limits, only human minds set limits to their thinking and execution.

1. Social Media Marketing is not as easy as it sounds– it is necessary and important to check
and update all relevant literature before taking a plunge.

2. Conduct full survey of all relevant issues before engaging in social media marketing.

3. Choice of brands is important and needs to gain the importance it deserves. Do not be carried away by big and strong brand names- handle only the kind of traffic that is possible and desirable by small time firm, for starters.

4. Know your strengths and weaknesses and act according to the demands of the situation. It is not advisable to bite more than we can chew and digest. Small tidy portions are best.

5. Social Media Marketing is very competitive and dynamic marketing option which requires hard work and tenacity.

6. It is best to seek expert opinion from acclaimed social media marketers before taking the plunge. They could help to make the business more relevant, progressive and profitable.

Be ready to sacrifice short term gains for long term gains. A long term perspective is needed for growth and stability in this business.

Conclusion: For a start up social media marketing business it is necessary to follow the Golden Rules in order to gain sustained, long term benefits and profits in this business.

Author bio: I am Manton Angus. I am focus on writing academic papers for the last so many years which

have helped me out to gain knowledge in various disciplines of writing assignments for all class of students. I have worked in different study essay writing companies from the last many years.

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