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Today’s episode of Getting Social with Miriam was awesome. I will explain why. As you are aware based on what I have blogged about in the past- as well as what you may have heard from other social media specialists is that you must be careful with what you share on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. If you share anything too personal, or if you are constantly venting and just coming off as extremely negative- that will hurt your reputation. However, the fact of the matter is, it is very healthy to express what you are feeling even though you have to be so careful with how you come across on social media if you want to keep your reputation clean. I know that you can vent all you need in your journal, or to a friend offline, or to a coach if you are using one. And there is good news. Very soon you will be able to vent and express your feelings, positive or negative through an app, safely. Today, I interviewed the CEO and Founder of an app in the making called Moodi, Sharon Zohar from Toronto.

Moodi is an anonymous social network that empowers people to engage in deeper conversation by reflecting on their moods and emotions. Sharon has over 15 years experience as a writer and storyteller with Emotions Storytelling, a workshop centre that teaches kids, teens and adults how to emotionally connect through dialogue and stories. Moodi is the continuation of her passion and vision in bringing about deeper connections with people by using moods and emotions as a way to reflect on how we feel about what we think and do.

Sharon and I discussed the concerns about issues that can arise such as cyber-bullying. We also spoke about how situations when it comes to discussions of harm will be handled. Listen to the podcast here.

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Check out Get Moodi here.

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